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What do you think of the John Lewis rebrand?

6th September 2018

With an average of 10.7 million people tuning into the Great British Bake Off, the chance to advertise in between the Signature Bake, Technical and Showstopper Challenge is a coveted opportunity. However, one brand we didn’t expect to be seeing so early was John Lewis, or as known after the rebrand, John Lewis & Partners. John Lewis & Partner’s rebrand doesn’t just come with an impressive children’s rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, but a new monochromatic patterned brand mark rolled out across their extensive list of touch points, as well as a focus on their partnership with Waitrose. But what do we think of the new identity for the John Lewis & Partners?

“I think John Lewis’ new image is revolutionary. They have highlighted their partnerships with other brands and in doing so, elevated the Waitrose image. They could have timed it a little differently considering recent job cuts, however by rolling out this design across all their partnerships, they’re really emphasising the value of their partnerships.”

“The new John Lewis advert was nothing short of impressive, as you’d always expect. However, as the sheer scale and budget of such an ad were the only things I could think of, it kind of detracted from the purpose of the ad in the first place. The rebrand is a good way to show the development of the company however – it’s important to keep existing customers happy whilst appealing to potential new markets.”

“The visual implementation of the two brands pays homage to their history, whilst still embracing contemporary design through their use of art deco patterns. John Lewis and Waitrose have always had similar branding; they play off each others’ brand values, awareness and loyalty. Their confident front in the loss of monies puts them in good stead to compete in a market that’s struggling to stay afloat in the face of the internet shopping era”.

What do you think of John Lewis & Partners rebrand?