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Horwood Homewares

Brand Design

Home of both the Stellar and Judge brands, Horwood have a heritage in the housewares market dating back to 1896. We have been working with the company across all its brands for over ten years and have developed an array of interesting and innovative products and packaging during that time. This being just a small selection.
  • Packaging

  • Photography and Art Direction

The packaging design for the Stellar’s Damask and Cerra knife ranges, demonstrate the clear balance that is required between security at point of sale and presenting the product and its key features in a clear, concise and attractive manner. These factors were at the heart of the design work we produced for this housewares giant.

“Investing in a quality set of knives should be a once in a lifetime experience, which is why when we designed the packaging for the comprehensive collection of premium Taiku knives for the Stellar brand, we gave particular attention to way the product was presented at point of sale.”

Luke Richards
Senior Designer

We have designed and developed packaging for both Stellar and Judge cutlery sets. The Stellar packs needed to have a more premium feel in comparison to the Judge packs. For the Stellar packs, we developed a series of fine-line patterns, with a gloss UV finish and for the Judge range, block colour patterns, with a craft material substrate.