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Specialists in product design & branding.

Great design has the power to transform a business into something truly memorable.

The greatest designs don’t fade away with each passing trend, or get lost in an ocean of copycat companies. A truly iconic brand endures because of the simple, compelling idea behind it – the instantly recognisable, unmistakably authentic identity that many strive for but few achieve.


Great design has the power to transform a business into something truly memorable.

Whether you need high quality products that spark the interest of your target customer or an original brand that positions your business as the ideal choice, Sanders & Co can help to turn your company’s vision into a commercial success.

What we do




Every successful brand and product range needs a strategy.
We start by understanding your objectives, and what achieving them would do for your business. Following this, we’ll identify the positioning, purpose and promise of your company,
before helping you establish the values and voice that bring your brand to life.

Brand creation and evolution

During our brand creation process, we’ll produce design concepts that reflect your company’s positioning and aesthetic requirements, establishing the character, feel and function of your new brand. We can also evolve established brands, helping to ensure they achieve their goals in rapidly changing marketplaces.


Packaging can form a fundamental part of your brand and user experience – get it right, and your product will stand out for all the right reasons. With a wealth of experience in designing packaging for the food and housewares sectors, you can trust Sanders & Co to take care of everything from pack construction and cutter guides to print liaison.


How you look and what you say online has never been more important for brands. Our team can help your brand to make an impact in the competitive digital environment. From your website and social media profiles to user interface design, backend development and analytics, we’ve got you covered.

UI and UX design

If you’re developing a website or app, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) will ultimately determine how successful the end product is. Our professional UI and UX designers can help to ensure that users have a positive experience interacting with your product.


Tactile appeal and timeless accessibility mean that print remains an important aspect of branding for businesses. Our design team is passionate about producing high quality printed materials for clients, using traditional print techniques such as letterpress and screen printing alongside state-of-the-art digital processes to achieve the perfect finish.

Environment and exhibition

Ensuring that your environment matches the rest of your brand is essential. Shops, offices and other business premises all benefit from the expertise of our professional design team, who can handle everything from external signage to vehicle livery. We’re also skilled at creating exhibition designs that accurately portray your corporate brand.

Photography and art direction

Superb photography allows your customers see what they’ll own, taste or experience before they make a purchase. We produce and art direct photography to secure high quality images that help convey your brand and drive sales.


The language your brand uses to communicate can have a significant impact on the way customers perceive your business. Professional copywriting can ensure that every piece of content associated with your brand communicates the right message, engaging your target audience with words they want to hear.

User research

Understanding who will use your product or service and how they will use it is an essential part of the design process. We’ll research the demographic you intend to market your product to, ensuring that the product you create exceeds their requirements.

Industrial design

For a product to be mass-produced, its form and features need to be planned carefully. Our industrial design team can provide the blueprint you need to turn your idea into a physical product, incorporating everything from material selection to production processes.


When you don’t yet have a physical prototype to demonstrate your product, visualisation can help to communicate your idea to the world. Our design team can produce the visuals you need to showcase how your product will look and function.

CAD modelling

Computer aided design (CAD) has become a vital aspect of product development. Our skilled designers can use CAD to create a fully-assembled 3D model of your product, ready to be used during the prototyping stage.

UI and UX design

If you’re developing a website or app, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) will ultimately determine how successful the end product is. Our professional UI and UX designers can help to ensure that users have a positive experience interacting with your product.


Working with experienced product design engineers can significantly increase your product’s chances of success. Our engineering process provides fully detailed product specifications, issued alongside a full suite of production drawings, 3D CAD parts and assembly files.


With in-house workshop and prototyping facilities, as well as access to a network of professional model makers, we are able to model and test products before they reach the production stage, saving time and money. We can also help you to identify appropriate manufacturers, introducing you to reliable partners who can bring your product to life. Obtaining tooling quotes, attending site visits and liaising with suppliers are also key processes in securing a successful product.

Liaison to manufacture

Sanders & Co can take on a liaison role to ensure that smooth and seamless communication exists between your company and its suppliers. Attention to detail at this stage can often make the difference between a good result and a fabulous result; an OK experience and an exceptional experience. We provide detailed reports following both T1 and T2 trials as well as any liaison that may be required here.

How we do it




Discovering your business, your vision and your ambitions is the first stage in our branding process. We’ll get to know you, scope your current market position and perform an audit on any existing brand materials to gain a deep understanding of your company’s unique offering.


Determining the right course of action will result in a strategy for success. We’ll conduct a workshop with key members of your team, defining your goals and deciphering how your brand should be positioned to maximise its potential reach.


Design is where ideas are visualised and concepts developed, turning plans into action. We’ll provide you with real examples of how your brand will be realised across numerous marketing platforms, from packaging and print to your website and social media profiles.


Delivering your branding is the final stage of our process. We use a combination of online and offline mediums to target the ideal audience for your brand, engaging customers across numerous platforms to increase brand awareness, build momentum and secure the results you are looking to achieve.



Discovering the potential of your product involves researching and analysing competitors. As well as showing what you’re up against, this allows us to create an original proposition and a unique selling point for your product.


Determining the development process of your product will help to ensure that the project stays on course and within budget. We’ll define a detailed brief for your product and create a programme of work so that you can monitor progress against a clear set of deliverables.


Design is where our creative team gets to work, turning your ideas into sketches and visualisations to help illustrate how your finished product will look, feel and function. From bold aesthetic choices to subtle details, we consider every option to ensure the perfect design.


Delivering a product can be a daunting process, but you’re in capable hands with our experienced team. Having designed successful products for over 25 years, we can handle everything from prototyping through to manufacture, liaising with trusted suppliers to deliver a product you’re proud of.

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