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It’s All About…You

10th June 2021

Designers can be an egotistical bunch. They have to be in order to bring about change through creating products and brands that people can identify, choose to interact with, spend their hard-earned cash on and believe in. 

Designers are taught to understand that “good design makes a product understandable, useful and unobtrusive” (Dieter Rams). They are taught that product design is about people. It’s about motivation, emotion, experience and about overcoming an issue or solving a problem. As Nick Law, VP of Marcom Integration at Apple says, it’s about finding the balance between ‘stories and system’. It’s these ‘stories’ that are the key to uniting product and brand design together in a single purpose.

When we put people at the heart of the design process, we begin to understand the product story. We make connections and nurture relationships, we understand the environment and context, we discover and empathise with the pain points, we listen and we learn. In listening to their story we walk a mile in their shoes, mapping the customer journey and helping them reach their ‘happily ever after’ with a solution that has been designed with curiosity, consideration and caring. Not so egotistical after all.

Working collaboratively with Intercall we have united their product and brand design language with a single purpose, by truly understanding the needs and pain points of their audience and users.