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6th October 2017

It’s always extraordinary when someone dedicates their time and skill to help others for no reward; Steve Davies is one of these individuals. Remarkably designing prosthetic arms for children born without these limbs, he has improved the lives of thousands of children across the world with his outstanding product design skills.

Steve has converted his shed into a studio where he designs, prints and fits children’s prosthetic arms for free earning recognition from channel 4 being hailed as ‘shed of the year’. Cleverly naming his company team unlimbited, he focuses his designs to represent the character of the child. Whether it’s an arm designed for a superhero or a princess he aims to design each limb to show off each child’s individual personality.

One of the biggest appeals of Steve’s designs is how is it so simple to use. Within the mechanism of the arms there is elastic bands build in it, the children simply have to bend their arm to close the fist and then straighten it out again to open it. With the product costing only £20 to make, unlimbited have undoubtedly made life changing affordable.