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8th August 2017

Milton Glaser once said ‘There are 3 responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!’ and it looks like twitter users are saying ‘no’ to the re-design of their site. Twitter has recently updated the whole design of their page for android and ios devices. They have made changes from everything from the font to the shape of the profile picture icon.

With it being labelled as ‘the change no-one asked for’ and ‘the eye straining font’ it seems like 140 characters isn’t enough to express the users’ disappointment with the new update.

There was however a large callout from users for an option to edit their tweets after they had posted them, which, to their dismay, was something twitter overlooked. So it seems a new font, which is the one that appears on Microsoft, Windows, as well as the Xbox 360 dashboard, wasn’t exactly the change people wanted.

It is essential to make use of effective research and use of Audits with a company audience before launching a new design. This is a vital part of our process and an area we often promote as one of the major factors in the success of a new design. Twitter didn’t seem to implement this key element in establishing an effective design for their target audience with their recent launch and as such the feedback they received was highly negative. Before embarking on the visual design process the background research is imperative in achieving a successful outcome – see some of our audits as an example of this… http://bit.ly/2wmFUoX