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Top 3 products of 2017

8th December 2017

Continuing our look back through 2017, we are taking a look at the product releases and filtering through our favourite of the past year. A great product design can reshape the way we interact with the world, improving the quality of life while looking good in the process. The following list includes the products that we feel have managed to find the perfect balance of aesthetic quality and practicality. Here’s our list of top 3 product releases of 2017:

1 – Zipline drone

This impressive simplistic design has become a lifesaving revolution. Hastily flying over countries that are poverty stricken, the drone will drop boxes of medicines, such as blood and vaccines, to people all around the world. This method of delivery not only enables these packages to get to those in need in a much quicker time they are able to reach those who are in the most rural of areas, saving a vast amount of money and resources. With Zipline providing seamless delivery to places all over the world we can expect to see further developments of this amazing design in the future.

2 – InnoSpire Go

Phillips has released their new portable mesh nebuliser, completely reinventing the way you medically treat yourself. Not only is this design medically beneficial, it has an exterior design to match the quality. It’s toned with soft a white and lime green colour palette resulting in a sophisticated look and feel suiting the pioneering technology used to make it. Almost silent when in use, this sleek, simple design gives you audio and visual signals when the treatment is complete making it completely user-friendly, even turning its self off after use. A small nebuliser like this is completely portable and discrete to use, allowing you to freely treat yourself on the move.

3 – Samsung Q9500 air conditioner

This stylishly designed gadget has adopted a simplistic look that exudes elegance. Loosely based on the design of a jet engine, the smooth rounded edges combined with the curved lines flowing through it give it a contemporary feel. Not only does this design look aesthetically pleasing but its function is highly effective as well. Its airflow technology varies the breeze around the room in different directions creating a blanket of cool air rather that a singular flow in one area, placing it a technological step ahead of standard air conditioning units.

The designers of these products have managed to implement two of the most crucial components when developing a product, practicality and appealing aesthetic design. With these excellent products being released it’s exciting to see what new innovative designs will be released in 2018.