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Spicing things up

6th March 2018

Whilst we at Sanders love to sink our teeth into ‘meaty projects’, there’s nothing quite like spicing up an original to keep the creative juices flowing. When Cole & Mason came to us in the summer of 2016, they wanted a completely new look for their range of rotary herb and spice carousels, and asked us to produce five functionally innovative concepts for them.

In attempting to breathe new life into an existing product line, it’s important to make sure that any changes improve both the products function and appearance. Whilst wanting to harness all of the attributes of the previous C&M carousel collection, we were keen to create a product that would enhance any kitchen countertop.

A detailed review of the existing product line revealed simple, cost-effective mechanisms. By making strategic use of these functional components, more time could be spent on producing five (yes, five!) refined concepts. Whilst this was more concepts than usual, each one focussed intently on another element of the design.

By February 2017, the production files for the new design had been issued. Gone were the harsh silhouettes of the former jars, along with the excessive material content of the stands. In their place, soft curved glass jars not only alluded to openness, but provided openness in allowing a standard measuring spoon to be inserted. Large expanses of plastic moulding had been replaced by a simple peg and slot system, further reducing visual weight and the countertop footprint. Combined with the central handle capped with a stainless-steel C&M brand mark, the new carousels can be transported easily and securely.

Having a drawer crammed with miscellaneous herbs and spices, Julian – being an enthusiastic amateur cook himself – not only understands the importance of functional and aesthetically-pleasing design, but also admits the spice carousel is something he should definitely own.

“For me, cooking is another form of creativity, and having a range of herbs and spices to use is as important as having a colour palette in design. That being said, my desk is considerably more organised than my kitchen cupboards. As a creative, as an amateur cook and as a person who just appreciates a bit of tidiness, functional designs like these are a must-have!”

With the aim of most kitchen products being to make cooking simpler, there’s no reason why the design process behind them shouldn’t be just the same. All three sizes – eight, sixteen and twenty-jar versions – are being launched this month and will provide an easy way to incorporate a variety of flavours into any dish.


The European Product Design Award celebrates elegant and effective design that solves problems, improves function and brings something new to the everyday – as well as the genius of the designers behind them.

Our Revolving Spice Rack is one of three Sanders designs to win the prestigious award, making this this second year in a row in which our work has been recognised. Whilst we get a lot of satisfaction from giving our clients a product they can be proud of, awards like these just assure us we’re on the right track and that what we do is having an impact.