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17th May 2017

Hot on the heels of our recent ‘triple’ success at the European Product Design Awards (yes, three awards in three different categories!) our work has once again been recognised in a prestigious design award. ‘Landmark’, the latest collection of taps (faucets) showers and accessories for long standing client Samuel Heath, has been shortlisted in the Consumer Products section of the Design Week Awards. We’re one of just eight design groups and we’re in some pretty formidable company too, with one of our fellow finalists being none other than the Apple design team in California with three entries: The iPhone 7 Plus, the 13 inch MacBook Pro and Series 2 Apple Watch. We still fancy our chances though!

Shaped by the classic Bauhaus principles of simplicity and elegance, Landmark ‘Industrial’ and Landmark ‘Pure’ are effectively two collections in one and bring together design, craftsmanship, and technology. Perfect function, beautiful form, and use of the very finest materials and finishes make this collection a delight to the senses and hold true to the values embedded in Samuel Heath’s long manufacturing tradition, which dates back nearly 200 years.

Whilst Landmark has overtones of the original Bauhaus aesthetic, it does not attempt to be a faithful reproduction of the products of the school or period, rather it utilises a design language that evokes the ethos of the period in an authentic manner. By size and proportion, it displays and celebrates elements of its functionality achieved through a harmony of materials, finishes and exquisite detailing. Landmark’s inspiration is rooted in a period of design history that spans little more than a decade, yet it’s influence was global and continues to echo in time.