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Raising a glass to the Great British Summer

1st June 2018

How convenient then that this week happens to be English Wine Week, a celebration of British bubbly and its homely blends. English Wine can be somewhat overlooked – you may be surprised to know the UK has 577 vineyards, twenty-three of which are here in Wales. However, regardless of whether you’re unable to tell your Prosecco from your Cava, or know how many bubbles are in a bottle of Champagne, there’s nothing to stop us raising a glass when the Great British Summer comes around.

There is no other drink you would display as proudly as you would a bottle of wine. We place wine racks on countertops to allude to our tastes and styles, simultaneously acting like our own personal wine cellar and waiter. Ice buckets become centre pieces and connect our dinner guests regardless of the topic of conversation. Even openers and stoppers have their place, popping the cork on an exciting night or neatly drawing the evening to a close. All this focus on wine brought back fond memories of our work with Screwpull.

As global market leader in wine accessory products, Screwpull and its parent company Le Creuset have always had innovation at the heart of their product development process. Our work with them involved creating a range of wine accessory products that combined both simplicity and sophistication. Each of the six products involved an element of innovation but always focused on ensuring he wine held centre stage.

Following the success of this initial product launch, we were then tasked to create a completely new look for the way the product appeared at point of sale, through a new range of innovative product packaging. This repositioning accurately aligned the brand to their core market. The combination of elegant and sophisticated monochromatic imagery, accented by deep burgundy panels on the language free boxes ensured that the same packaging could be used around the globe.

Wine is perhaps one of the most complementary products there is, whether that is for a dish, an event or even a mood. Whilst this can sometimes cause a little difficulty in design – how do you accessorize what is usually the accessory? – it provides a great space for experimentation and a result that can look as good as it tastes.