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Out all new RP machine!

30th September 2016

We had an exciting delivery this week… Our new rapid prototyping machine arrived. This new Stratasys Mojo uses FDM Technology to build spot-on, functional concept models and rapid prototypes in ABS and is small enough to sit alongside our computers here in the studio rather than in our workshop. I’m told it’s as simple to use as a document printer (ideal for me then!). This new desktop unit will compliment our older and much larger Dimension BST 768 machine that we’ve had for well over 10 years and which is still going strong and producing good quality parts for us.

The FDM Technology employed in this unit uses the same tried and tested thermoplastics found in traditional manufacturing processes. For applications that demand tight tolerances, toughness and environmental stability – or specialised properties like electrostatic dissipation, translucence, biocompatibility, VO flammability or FST ratings.

Can’t wait to get it out of the box!