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New Culinare Prawn Tool

8th May 2017

Established over thirty years ago with the launch of the original, iconic ‘Magican’ can opener, Culinare have now built an extensive range of essential kitchen tools and gadgets to make food preparation quicker, easier and safer.

We were asked by the brand to create a ‘best in class’ prawn tool. The results of which can be seen here. This deceptively simple looking tool has been designed to take the the hard work out of preparing prawns at home. Simply press the lever (which articulates by way of a silicone band) to remove the head of the prawn. Then insert the pointed head of the tool between the meat and the shell, run the tool along the spine of the prawn, pushing gently. The shell, legs and tail will pop off in one clean action. The small channel that runs along the back of the tool simultaneously removes the vein. The ergonomic handle provides maximum comfort and control. Ideal for those summer barbecues, so go ahead and sling another shrimp on the barbie this summer!