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Leading Ladies

8th March 2018

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re talking to the leading ladies of Sanders Design. Studio Director, Lianne keeps track of every project we do, managing our budgets and making sure we hit every deadline. Fresh from a degree in Business Management at UWIC, Lianne has kept Sanders running smoothly and efficiently since she joined, which is no small feat. Senior Brand Designer, Jameila has been encouraging our clients to go outside their comfort zone since she joined the Sanders team – with great results! Her developed and systematic approach to projects allows her to gather in-depth knowledge of each client and what they do. By having this knowledge, she is able to take the fear out of the creative process and tailor designs to the individual client that are transformative, realistic and tangible.

What would you say has been your biggest achievement here at Sanders?

Lianne: When I joined Julian, it was just the two of us with an idea and a goal in mind. Since then, we’ve been able to grow Sanders into a team of ten, doing a wide variety of work for a range of clients. I ‘ve loved growing the business alongside Julian and seeing how just an idea has developed into something like this.

Jameila: I loved developing the digital side of things and harnessing the opportunity to grow Sanders in another way. Before I joined it was non-existent, so it’s been great to see it turn into a substantial digital footprint. I’ve also loved leading the workshops – I love being creative and it’s great to bring creativity to people who before would just shy away from it.

What advice would you give to someone looking to do what you do?

Lianne: Honestly, I didn’t have a clue I would be doing something like this when I left University. Even when I teamed up with Julian, I never imagined I’d be in my first job for so long, but I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the design and the creativity and I wanted to continue being a part of this. I think the most important thing is to do what you love and love what you do.

Jameila: Experience, experience, experience! Get as much knowledge and experience as you can before you leave University, it not only gives you something unique to talk about when you apply for jobs, but you can also figure out with the job is actually right for you before you end up doing it. That, and believe in yourself. The best advice anyone has given me has just been “You can do it”.

Who are your biggest influences?

Lianne: Jameila – having another person to talk to in work is great. Honestly, my friends and family are my biggest influences as they’re the ones who give me encouragement and support and tell me I can do it. I think that’s all you need for inspiration sometimes.

Jameila: Barbara Kruger was a big on for me in University, I loved her bold and dramatic artistic style, and especially how dominant it was in targeting issues like feminism and people’s perceptions. Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh is another one, I’d love to do what she does and just go out and create art. Oh, and Lianne of course.

Lianne and Jameila are valued members of the Sanders team, and have been bringing an impressive range of skills, talent and experience to the team since day one. Both passionate about what they do, fantastic mothers and gym buddies, we’re so grateful for everything they bring to the team and look forward to many more years working alongside them.