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Ikea & Sonos Collaboration

5th June 2019

Ikea and Sonos recently announced their collaborative line of speakers, named Symfonisk. One of which doubles up as a lamp. This was exciting news for many of us at Sanders Design. Combining audio, design and furniture is a pleasing fusion.

Image: IKEA

Combining two products into one beautiful object which can blend into a household setting and function as a Sonos player is extremely appealing. What is also very appealing, is the price point! You can get your hands on the bookshelf speaker for £99 from April 2019 (significantly cheaper than the similar Sonos 1 which sells for £150) The bookshelf player fits neatly into Ikea’s existing bookshelf lines, and can also become a shelf itself, if you mount it to the wall with the included bracket.

Image: IKEA

At Sanders, we are passionate about audio quality and products that are well designed to deliver it. Back in 2015, we designed an all-in-one household audio system for Cyrus Audio. Cyrus Lyric was designed with optimum sound quality and user interaction in mind – making it a multi-award winning hi-fi system. You can read more about this project on our website.