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Getting it right during lockdown

4th June 2020

Being in lockdown has brought some incredible acts of charity, kindness and creativity to light. The most successful brands during this crisis are those that can change and react appropriately and positively by using engaging and creating methods of interaction. Because of this, new ways of connecting with existing and new audiences are generated. We have chosen a few brands who have got it right during lockdown.

Everyone loves a discount

Firstly, Admiral wasted no time in giving back to its customers during this global crisis. Due to the fall in the number of claims, Admiral boosted their customer loyalty by giving all users a £25 refund on their car or van insurance, without the need to apply. Check it out: https://www.admiral.com/stayathome

Source: https://www.instagram.com/vangoghalivefr/

Social Media at its best

Getty Museum launched its “Between Art and Quarantine” creative social media challenge which required the public to recreate an artwork from their vast collection, but in their quarantine environment. Famous Van Gogh, Fernando Botero and René Magritte artworks were recreated with great success!
See for yourself: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/gettymuseumchallenge/


Source: https://adoptakeg.carlsberg.com/da-DK/welcome

Saving Businesses

And with many bars closing across the world, a lot of the businesses are in trouble. Carlsberg wanted to support business in their native Denmark, and so, they launched their “adopt a keg” campaign. People could fill their adopted keg virtually and exchange it for real beer in real bars when they reopen. This is similar to the “pay now, drink later” idea which many bars have adopted, but Carlsberg have gone the extra mile by adding interactivity to the experience.
Take a look: https://adoptakeg.carlsberg.com/da-DK/welcome

It has been extraordinary to see the inventive ways brands have used creativity to maintain valuable connections with their existing customers, whilst establishing new ones.

For us at Sanders, we have been working hard from home and holding virtual meetings to support our clients who operate on the front lines during this crisis. We are a brand that is supporting our clients by offering our services, to the best of our ability.