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Connecting your purpose to your brand Part 2

30th May 2018

Last week, we looked at design with purpose in regards to our healthcare clients. Intercall was one such client, bringing the latest technology to nurses and patients, allowing for easier communication between the two, as well as monitoring responses. The technical excellence and experience Intercall bought to their customers could not be disputed; there was simply a disconnect between the aesthetics of the product and the technology being used. The product was revolutionary and improved data logging for nurses and hospital/care home staff, as well as reassured the family as they too were able to monitor the care being provided through an innovational app.

Working closely with their technical directors, we produced a range of products that included touch screen displays, call points and wearable call points, complementing the technical intelligence of the product and ensuring longevity in a fast-paced industry. We created a design language that was implemented through product and branding to ensure the user had the same experience at every touch point. Since 2007, our working relationship with Intercall has developed and we’ve collaborated on several projects. One of these projects was evolving the brand and design language to reflect the technical ingenuity and innovativeness they bring to the healthcare industry through nurse call products. The products required consideration for both their placement and colour palette to ensure the product was discreet, but noticeable when needed.

Last week we implemented the brand language within the interiors of their office space. This space needed to be multifunctional; it was where training, meetings and product demonstrations would take place, with an area to display products, as well as to get headspace. We looked at adding lots of textures and wooden elements to add warmth. Vibrant greens reflected the energy of the company, portraying the offices as a hive of activity. Intercall’s offices became another important touch point, expressing their ingenuity to everyone who came in.

Working with a company that are continuously innovating whilst always staying true to who they are makes working with them exciting and brings an interesting set of challenges. Office Interior Design was vital to both employees and customers. For employees who spend a large part of their day in the office, it was crucial to create a space that was functional, visually appealing, comfortable and inviting, all of which promoted productivity and efficiency, and allowed them to do what they do best: revolutionise the nurse call industry.