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Brand Truth

20th October 2017

In todays society people seem more disconnected than ever before. With new age technologies like social media, side choosing has fast become a prominent issue in todays world. Whether it is over matters such as poverty, gender and race or even simply their desert preference. Trying to reach and get people to connect over something has become an arduous task, making it very challenging for companies to make a positive impact with their brand.

For you to successfully establish a brand that connects with its customers you first must be able to understand the audience you’re designing for. Having an empathetic understanding of the needs of your target audience will allow you to develop a brand language that will truly speak to your customers. What makes a man truly happy is mental stability and the feeling of having everything you want and as designers it’s our job to design them what they want. With the public trust in companies at an all-time low, now more than ever should brands show they have their customers at heart, people want to know that you are looking out for their interests as much as you are looking out for your own. The brands that design with humanity at the core will be the ones that will inevitably become the most resilient and earn the most loyalty with their clients.

Companies tend to lose touch with the needs of their target audience and so inevitably their customers start to feel disconnected from the brand. To prevent this you must dedicate time, money and effort into researching your audience and getting to know them as well as you know your company. In order to create good advertising, we must be good listeners and uncover what the brand’s truth is. Understanding who and what they are and how their soul is relevant to people is the first step into breaking out of silos and allowing us to define them by these terms. Truly understanding what your customers want will allow you to design with the complete confidence that the end product will be received positively. The customers will feel as though you understand them allowing your company to thrive whilst giving the customers what they want. It’s a win win.