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2019 in the Design World – Part 1

11th January 2019

First of all, a very Happy New Year from the team at Sanders! 2019 is here, and who knows what the design world has in store for us – well, we may have some idea.

We have two predictions as to what will dominate the design landscape this year. All-in Sustainability & Brands taking a stand. In this post, we are focusing on Sustainability because we feel it will be the biggest talking point!

Global warming and growing waste levels were exposed more than ever in 2018, sparking a massive response from some of the worlds biggest brands. Continuing this year, brands are constantly delivered eco-friendly promises to their customers. 40% of the plastic we produce is for packaging; Coca-Cola have promised they will recycle a bottle or can for every one they sell by 2030 and McDonald’s said they would be fully sustainable by the year 2025. These are big changes for massive companies.

LUSH products are exposed in their stores. Paper bags and other recyclable materials are used as packaging.

One company leading the way is LUSH. Since the company was launched in 1995, co-founder Mo Constantine was developing solid Shampoo bars and has now launched ‘naked’ (zero packaging) products throughout the whole product range. Furthermore, all of their products in pots or bottles come packaged in post-consumer plastic, and if you save those pots and return them to store, you can receive free face masks. That pot can then be reused by Lush five times where it will eventually be melted down and turned into a shopping basket. Lush have never looked at plastic packaging as a solution.

Ultimately, this will have a huge impact on how brands function; knowing that a vast majority of their custom base are only supportive of eco-conscious brands. Brands need to respond to this, and 2019 will be the year for them to do it.

We are playing our part here at Sanders; we are currently working on a project which is using eco-friendly design (not giving too much away!). Keep your eyes peeled as we reveal more news in the coming months.