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Workshops designed to align teams, define big ideas & create brand voice.

Our selection of workshops, we will help you to find your voice by exploring positioning, naming and storytelling.

Workshops are about getting stuff done, they’re about rolling up sleeves and getting stuck in. At Sanders & Co we’ve developed a series of workshops to help clients navigate and articulate their brand and product positioning. Working together we’ll create ambitious plans, define strategies and reveal a deeper understanding of your brand both now and for the future.

Naming Workshop

Naming brands is a precarious business. It’s not easy and everyone has an opinion, mostly subjective and often based upon an emotional reaction. Even if you can agree upon a name, how do you find out if your new name means something embarrassing in another language? Or if someone else is already using that name? More to the point, how can you bring an ordinary name to life?

Whether you’re looking to name or rename your brand, product or range, our hands-on Naming Workshop will ensure that no idea is left unexplored. Every idea is considered and both practical and emotional aspects investigated.

Your team will be guided through the various naming conventions and how they could work in relation to your own brand or product. During the workshop we will brainstorm a whole bunch of names. We’ll take this list away before presenting a shortlist of names with rationales. Once agreement has been reached, the shortlist can then be assessed for legal and commercial review.

Your name is an important part of your brand and unlikely to change in a very long time, we believe it’s worth investing in.

Brand Positioning Workshop

Our Brand Positioning Workshops are designed to give a deeper understanding of your brand, who you are, what your brand stands for and your positioning. Your positioning should reflect your vision, values, purpose and personality; it’s about asking why not what.

Your brand positioning is the foundation of your brand, it’s the solid base upon which everything you do is based.

Whether you’re an established business looking to reposition your brand or creating a new product range, our Brand Position Workshop will help you understand your audience, your competitors, the market landscape and most importantly your positioning. It’s a structured, informal work session where all ideas are robustly discussed and explored. We’ll craft key positioning statements with which you can inspire staff and connect with your brand audience.

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