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Pelican Feminine Healthcare

Brand Design
Product Design

Pelican Feminine Healthcare manufactures and supplies single-use medical instruments for gynaecological and obstetric use. Having successfully designed product for the company, we were asked to help develop their brand to more faithfully reflect the innovative nature of their business.

The result is a brand mark, literature and website that reflect this cutting edge British manufacturer. As part of the brand journey, we underwent a Brand Audit to understand the perception of the company, internally, and externally. We facilitated a brand positioning workshop to glean the values, mission and vision of the company. This helped us understand the long term business goals which enabled us to create a complete brand system that will grow with the company, and achieve their goals.

  • Brand positioning

  • Engineering

  • Industrial Design

  • Liaison to manufacture

  • Prototyping

  • User research

  • Visualisation

Pelican Feminine Healthcare’s on-line presence is a critical part of their business strategy. As part of a brand realignment exercise, we created a fully responsive e-commerce website in order to enable Pelican to fully exploit on-line opportunities.
We were challenged by Pelican to create a low cost product, which would secure an unobstructed view of the cervical anatomy in cases of anterior vaginal wall laxity.
After extensive investigation into potential solutions, materials and manufacturing processes, we were able to not only design a solution, but prototype it and test it.
We then partnered Pelican Feminine Healthcare with a well-suited third party supplier who was able to produce the ready-to-use latex-free sheath to the exacting standards required and which elegantly solved the problem.