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Brand Design
Product Design

Coverup creates, designs and supplies the finest quality cases, covers and accessories for the mobile devices you can’t live without. Born from a love of technology and inspired by a love of design, the problem was that their brand didn’t reflect these core values.
  • Packaging

  • Photography and Art Direction

  • Research

  • Visualisation

After exploring a number of different design concepts, we refined the chosen direction further; looking at different alternatives within the chosen design. A number of symbol options were tested and presented to the client.

We needed to create a brand that communicated a strong presence in the market and hinted at the technology focused and design led nature of the business.

Along with brand creation we were involved in the art direction of a number of photo shoots to promote the lifestyle-led nature of the products; web site design and marketing material which included packaging of the product.
Sanders were also involved in research and development of the iPad cases; we were commissioned to look into alternative unique ways to allow the iPad case to stand up; we experimented with elastic hooks to hold the cases up.