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Product Design

Brushdoctor is a simple and innovative solution to cleaning soiled paint brushes. Working closely with the client, we were able to create acompact and precise design which delivered on the brief. A fully working prototype was created during this project as rigorous testing needed to be completed.
  • CAD modelling

  • Industrial Design

  • Prototyping

Brushdoctor reduces the amount of water used by up to 50 times whilst at the same time containing the waste.

In developing this product we created and patented a unique method of mixing air and water to increase the water’ssurface tension enabling more paint to siphoned from the brush more quickly.

The soiled water is contained and can then be disposed of in a safe andenvironmentally friendly way. It not only cleans the brush effortlessly in 3 minutesbut extends the life of the brush whilst also being environmentally friendly makingit clean, simple and quick to use.

Along with the product, we created the brandmark and explored colourways which would be suitable for the product. A combination of the brand name and the bristles of a paintbrush inspired the brand identity.