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Product Design

Whilst it may not define who you are, your wheelchair can say a lot about you. That’s just one of the reasons that wheelchair manufacturer nomad approached us and asked us to create a new active-user wheelchair for them. They wanted a product that would combine visual simplicity with engineering elegance. The result of this collaboration is the MRK1 Wheelchair.
  • CAD modelling

  • Engineering

A design that has put Nomad right at the top in this category – an award winning UK manufacturer of the best mobility solutions available.

As with many of the projects we undertake, the relationship between brand and product become inseparable, which is why we were asked by nomad to look at creating a new brand mark that would more accurately reflect this dynamic forward looking product and brand.

Apart from its immediately striking appearance, one of the first things you’ll notice about the nomad wheelchair is the unmistakeable ride. Comfort, born of superior attention to ergonomics, which is a defining characteristic of this product.