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Brand Design

Cortecs is a leadership and management specialist, offering business training with a psychological edge.

The challenge for this project was to create a brand and website that was both distinctive and memorable, reflecting the true qualities that customers experience when engaging with them.

We began the project by carrying out a series of interviews with a cross-section of the Cortecs audience, from users, to suppliers and staff. This enabled us to get truly under the skin of who they were and understand the true story behind Cortecs. The brand needed to reflect the energy and dynamism that is portrayed by Helen Jones, the face of Cortecs.
  • Audit

  • Brand positioning

The brand needed to be recognised primarily for the scientific aspects involved in their offering, and, to be communicated to the outside world as a centre for excellence. It was imperative that the fun, vibrant aspect of this methodology was portrayed as a secondary element.
On this journey we discovered that Cortecs were constantly driving innovation to ensure that their offering was inline with the latest psychological research. Their work is based on truth, delivering training that is memorable and allows individuals to truly engage and develop their techniques.

With this, Sanders worked with Cortecs to develop their mission, vision, core values and brand personality.

This enabled us to create a brand that is an honest reflection of who they are, and, a brand that will take them where they want to go. Their vision is to be recognised as one of the premier leadership and management training providers in Wales.

The end result is a brand identity system that is both vibrant and dynamic, but, is also able to grow as the business grows.