International housewares manufacturer DKB invited us to work with the Zyliss brand to create a range of food preparation tools for fruit. Synonymous with style and quality, the Zyliss designs had to look as good as they work. Through rigorous development and testing (and much eating of fruit), we created a range of simple, elegant and cost effective solutions. The range was so successful that Zyliss further commissioned the design of a meat tenderiser (cue much consumption of steak). Designed to make a potentially mundane task enjoyable, the tool employs a new technique that enables the meat to be tenderised without deforming it as is the case with existing tenderisers. The Zyliss meat-tenderizer now out performs almost every other comparable product in the market. We’ve also recently developed an oyster shucker which was launched at Ambiente 2015. Fresh fruit, steak and oysters… we love our job!