The Chocolate Brownie Company

Vicky Critcher ‘the chocolate brownie’ chief brownie maker began making these chocolate delights for her friends and family and they went down so well that Vicky started to sell in local food festivals and began to consider starting up her own business with brownies at the heart of it. Whilst selling in food festivals Vicky beat over 600 applicants to win the Asda ‘Local food hero’ award and was asked to supply their Welsh stores, as well as being featured in the Good Food Magazine.

Vicky’s brownies use only the finest ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives and 70% chocolate instead of cocoa giving a deliciously Moorish taste that is sooo addictive you’ll find it hard to leave any.

We created a brand that would reflect the homemade nature of the original product with a slightly kitsch feel that would have a strong presence on shelf or at food festivals. A classic brand mark was created alongside a strong colourful product descriptor that could be adapted to communicate the flavours more in a striking and effective manner. Vicky’s character is reinforced through the expressive and quirky product copy.