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Brand Design
Product Design

In the Autumn of 2018 we were commissioned by Horwood Homewares to create a 100% bio-degradable kitchenware range. At the same time we were asked to develop the brand name, 'Smidge', the brand story, its messaging and all brand assets. The brand needed to embody the same values as the product range, communicating all aspirations and beliefs. The branding portion of the project included developing packaging, POS and various other marketing materials.

This new collection has been designed to help protect our ecosystems from single-use plastic and the harmful debris which contributes to our plastic pollution impact. Endorsed by the Marine Conservation Society, the Smidge collection of truly eco-friendly products will return to the soil without leaving a single trace.

  • CAD modelling

  • Naming

  • Packaging

The project began by conducting a series of brand workshops. We developed the brand positioning concept ‘a little bit can make a difference…a smidge’ Helping build a better future through reducing our collective impact on the environment.

The Smidge brand name was created to reflect the little things we can do to make a big difference to our environment.

This new collection of plastic-free products for the home provides simple, day-to-day alternatives to the more widely spread plastic options.

Helping reduce pollution and plastic waste by being natural, biodegradable, reusable, recyclable, whilst also turning heads.

The Smidge brand has been carried through to social media channels. The content communicates the importance of the eco-friendly elements of the collection.

These distinctive new eco-friendly products are offered in a bold, bright colour palette The fluidity and asymmetry of each of the pieces give it a playful, almost organic character whilst at the same time being both functional and practical, with all products nesting or stacking to be space efficient in storage.
The vast product range boasts colourful options so there is something for everyone. Furthermore, the unique plastic substitute, unlike many of the other ‘eco-friendly’ biodegradable materials, will not burn when used in microwave ovens.