Nightingale is the dedicated Home Delivery Service and nursing arm of Great Bear Healthcare. They not only provide a team of independent Nurses, but also have a dedicated Patient Services team that are able to ensure that patients receive the best care and best brand experience, from diagnosis up to the point of delivery and aftercare of the continence care products.

We Began the project by undergoing a Brand Audit, with the aim of uncovering any perception gaps and carrying out realignment projects if necessary. We spoke to the nurses, patients, health care professionals and had back such overwhelming feedback of how connected the patients felt to the nurses, how they left hospital without fully understanding what the next chapter of their lives involved. Praise for the Nightingale nurses was unanimous, we heard statements like “You can hear empathy in peoples voices, and that matters.” and “I felt they understood the situation & treated me like an individual.” This personable connection that the nurses were establishing with patients was not being communicated externally. This was something to shout about. Every nurse had great pride in the unbiased approach in which they operated and were 100% adamant that they would only ever prescribe products that were right for the patients. Part of the audit was to discover whether the Nightingale Brand warranted a name change, we heard “I’m known as the Nightingale Nurse. It’s nice.” “Obviously Florence Nightingale, you get that immediately.” There was a huge connection felt all around to the nightingale name and the pride of being a nightingale nurse and the story that went along with it, with the received value in the name it was staying!

Last Friday saw the launch of the new brand that we’ve created for the service. This service is all about the people and the dedicated service they provide to both patients and healthcare professionals and therefore due to the human centric nature of that brand, it was important that all elements of the brand (all touch points) referenced the values; of being caring, respectful, and always keeping the patients dignity. It needed to move away from the current cold and clinical tones and ensure that the tone of voice was always personable. We developed a brand for them that exudes warmth, which is understated it in its execution but strong in message - that putting patients first is at the heart of the business.

The design language features a muted colour palette, and rounded, softer, lower case typography. The brand language is warm, confident yet informal and the photographic style is relaxed and softly lit, always ensuring patients are at the forefront of imagery to communicate the dedicated service with a integrity and honesty values featured in any staff photography and language. We introduced an energy through brush strokes as a graphic element throughout the implementation to hold typography and place imagery into; to push important message as well as to contrast the manufacturing product side of the business(Great Bear). Even though Great Bear and Nightingale are part of the same overall company and share values; the way this is communicated is different for both due to one arm being product led and the other service led.