Since 1997, Markes International has been at the forefront of innovation for enhancing the measurement of trace-level volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds by gas chromatography. Their range of thermal desorption products, led by the flagship UNITY-xr™ and TD100-xr™ thermal desorbers, have for well over a decade set the benchmark in the field for quality and reliability. During the summer of 2015 Markes began a new round of technical development, which presented an opportunity for the company to reappraise the design of the product enclosures in terms of construction, assembly, aesthetics, human factors and ergonomics.

We were commissioned to undertake this task and in doing so, establish a more expressive design language, one that more accurately conveyed the high level of technical competency of the products and Markes’ pre-eminent position in the market. By integrating themselves fully with the company’s ‘in-house’ engineering department and existing supplier base, we were able to ensure that the construction principles of the new enclosure where executed in such a way as to make it easy to for the company and its suppliers to adopt.

The outcome of this initial project was an all-new enclosure with a striking and confident appearance, housing a developed chassis for the TD100-xr™. The design intent was to use contrasting colours and finishes, to create strong ‘drop shadows’ in key areas where large panels would naturally align. Floating and overlapping offset panels were also key design features, which help to create the products’ distinct character. We have since used this striking new design language and construction method in the design of other products in the company’s portfolio which has already resulted in significant commercial success for Markes.