This month has seen the launch of a major new collection of taps showers and bathroom accessories from Samuel Heath.

Phase 1 of this new collection, premiered last week at the prestigious Salone del Mobile Fair in Milan, this represents two years of design and development work for both ourselves and the team at Samuel Heath. The company selected this leading European contemporary furniture fair, synonymous with burgeoning future trends, as a fitting launchpad for this new range. This new collection entitled ‘Landmark’ takes its inspiration from the rational functionalism redolent of the Bauhaus and is in effect a modern interpretation of the values and style of the designs it pioneered.

Each product has been carefully designed as a way of showcasing the stunning quality of manufacture and attention to detail that Samuel Heath are able to achieve, with many products displaying a jewel-like quality.

The visual language developed for the product has been transferred to the brand language creating a holistic and truly inspired connection. The Landmark identity was inspired by the product form using a combination of curved and angular lines. We used two different accent colours and shapes to distinguish between two ranges within the collection. One range had heavier industrial cues, and embraced more angular detailing within the product which was relayed through to the brand language by using steel blocks and steel backgrounds for the photography, whereas the pure collection was the softer version which embraced more curves, and purer forms translated to brand by using pure concrete to reflect the differences between the two ranges.

The concept for the photography was again drawing influence from the Bauhaus ideologies, using geometric blocks to place the products on; the products became pieces of sculpture. We used soft lighting during the shoot to avoid any hyper-realistic outcome, the photography communicates an understated confidence associated with the industrial aesthetic of the Bauhaus. Drawing inspiration from the Bauhaus, we used geometric shapes/blocks and natural colours with minimal use of a bold accent colour. This photography lends itself to creative advertising and fits perfectly into the high-end magazine using block colours to hold typography.

It was particularly rewarding for us as a design team to not only be responsible for creating the product, but also the branding of the range and the way it’s presented through to the concept for the photography, the art direction of the photography and design of the literature.

Samuel Heath Landmark Pure Collection shot