Great Bear Healthcare

Great Bear Healthcare manufacture and supply urology products.

We’ve been working with the company for a number of years on the design and development of both product and packaging. This relatively young and dynamic company are now looking to significantly grow the business and approached us to advise them on how best to develop the brand to better communicate its values and aspirations to their core audience.

Having engaged in full brand/customer audits and positioning workshops to establish the story, mission, vision alongside the values, and tone of voice behind the brand, we then used this information from these sessions to create a brief and project outline to ensure that the design language going forward was accurate. We evolved their brandmark, developed their brand language and a broad range of collateral that truly reflects the character and ethos of the business.

This involved development to the bear; raising his head, and smoothing off the contours of the bear to exude a confident more positive bear, removing the caps on the type, and introducing a humanist font which had so much more character with various weights throughout the typeface and the flicks on the tails making it more approachable. We brightened the colour palettes to reflect the dynamic, passionate people behind the brand moving away from the muddy browns and blacks and introduced a gradient to create more vibrancy. We implemented this throughout a range of touch points, including photography, stationery, exhibition, interiors and packaging. We are currently working with Great Bear to ensure a smooth roll out of the new brand, to make sure we do not alienate any of their customers, suppliers or patients.