Daioni Organic

Daioni Organic - A natural evolution
Daioni is a leading producer of premium quality organic dairy products, based in West Wales. The company initially approached us to help them evolve the brand in order to re-affirm their ‘Organic’ credentials. This exercise was followed by an implementation programme that saw us design packaging for, and apply the new mark to, a wide range of products such as milk; flavoured milk; butter; cream and cheese etc.

Both the font and kerning in the original ‘mark’ looked uncomfortable and the juxtaposition of text and illustration created a visual imbalance when positioned centrally on packaging. The original illustration lacked any ‘dynamic’ and did not accurately reflect the market-leading product that Daioni produce.

In collaboration with Daioni Organic, we reassessed the organisations brand values, ensuring that the new mark, packaging and marketing collateral accurately reflected this family run premium dairy business.

Values: Organic, British, Family & Health

Personality: Friendly, Honest, Positive & Hard working