Anoa is a ‘start-up’ entering the highly competitive mobile phone case market. We were approached, by the company to create their the both their initial product offering and create the brand from for the new business. We wanted the Anoa case to reflect the vision of the founders - a case that offers unrivalled, slim-line protection led by a strong design aesthetic. Featuring a high-impact protective polycarbonate hard shell, and a soft touch TPE rubberised ‘bumper’, the Anoa case feels as good as it looks. The versatile dual-layer design gives two options for use and offers double the protection. Most iPhone breakages result from shock transferring from corner impact, so our innovative ‘air pocket’ design prevents this from happening. The scratch-resistant anti-impact touchscreen allows use of the phone without having to remove the phone from the case, and the transparent rear panel displays the back of the iPhone or a customisable insert. All ports and functions are fully accessible, and the simple two-piece design means that it can be assembled in seconds.

Alongside the product, our branding experts got to work on developing a brand identity for the new company. An Anoa is a small but tough water buffalo, so, taking queues from the name, an identity was developed that conveyed these qualities as well as reflected certain elements of the product’s form, and the fun personality of the company.

The next stage was to develop packaging and website incorporating the brand identity, and also provided copywriting.