What We Do

We help create and develop powerful brands.

We do this within a multi-disciplinary framework that spans three core areas of activity:-
Brand Design | Packaging Design | Product Design.

Strategy X

Establishing a clear strategy involves firstly understanding your objectives and the potential impact that can have on your business.It involves identifying your:-

Brand positioning | Brand purpose | Brand promise | Brand values | Brand voice | Brand architecture

Design X

Building on the foundations established at the ‘Strategy’ phase, and having jointly established both the objectives and a detailed design brief we can embark on the ‘Design’ phase which will involve things like:-

Visual identity systems | Experience design | Colour palettes | Typography | Graphic motifs | Imagery styles | Brand guidelines

Packaging X

Packaging design can form a fundamental part of both the ‘brand and user experience’. It is essential that it underpins all of the core values established in the previous two phases of work. It involves:

Pack construction | Pack dummies | Cutter guides | Print liaison

Digital X

Understanding and using the digital environment to greatest effect is fundamental to a brand communication, it involves:-

Digital brand strategy | Content strategy | Website design | Digital brand guidelines | Copy-writing | Video content | Front-end and back-end development | Analytics

Photography X

Whether using digital Photography or CGI, to represent your brand or product, high quality visual content is essential. People expect to see what they are going to get, wear, taste and experience long before they will do so in person.

We commission, manage and art direct this phase of work to ensure that the product or service is communicated in the most appropriate and effective way:-

Theme boards | Art direction | Styling | Retouching | Location sourcing

Copy-writing X

Brand Language and ‘tone of voice’ is fundamental to ensuring you engage effectively with your target audience. We will help craft an appropriate and consistent voice for your brand or organisation.

Content generation | Copywriting

Strategy X

‘Strategy’ is about establishing a clear understanding of your objectives and the potential impact that can have on your business. Its getting a Clear understanding of your:

Brand positioning | Brand purpose | Brand promise | Brand values | Brand voice | Brand architecture

Design X

The ‘Design’ stages build on the information gleaned during the Strategy stage. It is naturally where most attention is focused, as it’s from here that the ‘product’ will be formed. This stage will encompass everything from initial sketch concepts through CAD modelling and even initial block models, and or appearance models through to early POC prototypes.

Concept generation | Design development | Proof of concept modelling | Appearance models | Prototype CAD files | Early product prototypes

Engineering X

The ‘Design’ phase will usually be followed by a period of development and engineering, where a fully detailed product specification will be issued together with a full suite of production drawings and 3D CAD parts and assembly files. We use BS8080 as a reference for these files.

Pre production CAD files | Product evaluation | Product development

Prototyping X

Successful outcomes, depend on successful partnerships between client, designer and supplier/manufacturer. This stage focusses on identifying appropriate manufacturing partners - relationships established over many years, making introductions and obtaining tooling and piece part quotations. It includes meetings, site visits where appropriate with potential suppliers in order to present the project and demonstrate the prototype.

Building Manufacturing Alliances X

We can become a conduit for communication between our clients company and their clients and suppliers. We will take on a liaison role to ensure that a smooth and seamless transition exists during this absolutely crucial stage of implementation, dealing with manufacturing sub contractors and component suppliers etc.

It is the attention to detail at this stage that can often make the difference between a good result and a fabulous result;
an OK experience and a really good experience.

Manufacturer research, identification and introductions | Liaison to Production

How We Do It

We’ve created a well-defined process.
Developed over the last twenty years it is a process that, if adhered to, guarantees successful outcomes.

This process comprises of: Diagnose | Prescribe | Apply | Reapply

Diagnose X

Scoping | Interviews | Research | Brand Audits

Prescribe X

Brief | Proposal | Programme of work & Time scales | Contract

Apply X

Creative implementation

Reapply X

Product and Brand servicing | Review, Evaluate & Measure | Establish