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This new range of tableware and giftware that we’ve created for Welsh Slate is the first time that the company has made a major investment into ‘retail’. Best known for its main activity of quarrying slate for roofing, architectural cladding and flooring, at its Penrhyn site in North Wales this 500 million year old product is widely regarded as the highest-quality slate in the world.

This new collection brings together ceramic, glass and bamboo elements as well as elegant cutlery to form a beautifully co-ordinated range of tableware and giftware products. Unlike imported slate, Welsh Slate is effectively non-absorbent, so it doesn’t need to be lacquered and can be used as a plate to dine from, rather than as tray or serving platter. It is also dishwasher, microwave and conventional oven-safe and light scratches can even be rubbed out with a damp cloth, while the application of a little cooking oil burnishes the surface.