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The Power of Packaging

It goes without saying that effective packaging design can be the deciding factor in whether someone buys your product or your competitors. The first impression a brand makes is essential in the determination of its success, and a products packaging is often going to be the most immediate and tangible way a person will engage with both your brand and your company. Making it as visually alluring and/or engaging as possible not only increases sales but can also speak volumes about the character and personality of your business. In a study cited by ‘the paper worker’ it states that one third of all decision-making is based on packaging, which highlights the importance of having an effective design to represent the quality of both your product and company.

Cardiff based Peters Pies are a good example of this. After we redesigned their packaging, marketing data clearly showed sales increased on certain lines by an amazing 300%, and in the year following their redesign, their savoury roll market grew by a massive 18.3%. These staggering increases are a clear indicator that effective packaging is essential when trying to improve your marketing capabilities.

James Osgood (Marketing Director for Peter Pies) - ‘We’ve been extremely pleased with how well our Premier range has been received, which smashed sales targets and increased the value of sales for Peter’s by 55%’

It’s always important to consider the potential return on investment when making decisions about packaging, but as demonstrated here, huge opportunities exist if you are willing to take a creative, but measured and well researched approach to product packaging. It can create enormous potential benefits, not least massively increased profitability.