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Seasonal Branding - Halloween 24.10.13

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Although it only just feels like we put down the mulled wine, awoken from our post-Christmas dinner naps and welcomed the New Year, 2013’s Sanders Christmas party is now all booked in, and we’re soon to be pulling names out of a hat that will determine who I buy an awful secret Santa gift for this year. A bit unnerving at how quickly this has come back around, but for me, it means the snow is almost ready to beautifully coat the mountains where I hope to dust off the snowboard and gracefully find my way down the slopes, one way or another. But before all of that, Halloween is just over a week away, where shops fill up their shelves with repackaged ‘trick or treat’ snacks to overload Children’s sugar levels and give the parents the perfect excuse to dress up like something out of ‘The Walking Dead’. So with that in mind, whilst you pace the shops looking for the most realistic zombie cover-up, take a minute to check out this interesting Halloween (and soon to be Christmas) themed brand logo/packaging that you’ve probably already seen in the supermarkets.

The most intriguing one I have come across is the ‘tate and lyle’ black treacle, a witty and instantly engaging packaging design for the consumers, giving them a reason to stop, look and buy, a more grown-up, premium feel design which emphasises the darkness of the product and the Halloween atmosphere. I cannot wait to go see what other sickly treats are on offer in shops over the next week. Watch this space as we have got a pumpkin carving competition in the studio on the 31st, and as I’m very competitive, I will be up all night perfecting it.

Matthew Clements