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RIO 2016

So, with only a few days to go, all eyes will be turning to Rio and the carnival that is the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

As always, along with the feats of human endurance and endeavour that will remain prominently etched in our minds long after the games are finished will be the visual extravaganza of which a key part is the branding of the games.

This time the identity and branding has been undertaken the Brazilian consultancy Tátil under the watchful eye of its creative director Fred Gelli.

The brief from the organising committee apparently demanded the logo have12 different attributes - like that it should represent Rio in the future and that it should be for all 6 billion people in the world!.. Sounds like a typical client brief to me!

Unsurprisingly, Gelli responded by saying ‘It’s impossible to get all of this into a single logo.’ They came to the conclusion that the identity had to focus on some single points that would really represent Rio’s soul.

Gelli defined four pillars that they used for brand direction :-

These four pillars were: The Brazilians exuberant nature; the captivating energy this logo should show; the multiplicity of our culture; and the Olympic spirit.

In Gelli’s own words: “Rio is a kind of sculptural city – I’m in the middle of this big sculpture. I understood then that it would be a very interesting approach to design a sculptural logo for a sculptural city. As well as this we also considered that the logo had to work well until 2016, across different devices. And also for products it’s very interesting to have a 3D logo. We also wanted a new way to represent the Sugarloaf mountain [whose shape is referenced in the logo] in a new way. So many Brazilian brands use this image, and we wanted to use the same icon but in a new way”.

The brief from the Paralympic Organising Committee was that the Paralympic and Olympic logos had to be in the same family. They also specifically requested a 3D logo.

The result is the combination of two separate elements, one being the heart, and the other the infinity symbol, which represents the infinite energy of the athletes. When you put this together you have a heart that beats with infinite energy!