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Pelican on the web

This week sees the launch of the new Pelican Feminine Healthcare website (shown here or take a look at http://www.pelicanfh.co.uk). The launch of this fully responsive (e-commerce capable) website represents the culmination of a programme of work stretching back several months, a programme that has involved us working with Pelican FH on product design and development, branding, brand strategy, web design and design for print.

Our first contact with the company was as the result of a request by them for us to create a super low cost walled speculum (see previous blog - 27.03.15). This was a project that the company had wrestled with for a number of years. The relationship and trust that has developed between our two companies as a result of this project has enabled us to help Pelican build a brand that more faithfully represents the truly innovative nature of this cutting edge British manufacturer.

Pelican Feminine Healthcare new website Pelican Feminine Healthcare new brochure Pelican Feminine Healthcare photography