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Connecting your purpose to your brand

Every brand has a purpose. This purpose needs to be kept in mind throughout the branding process, from the initial brand audit to the official launch, and as it grows when we’re assessing its success. The purpose behind a brand is what is at the heart of the company and why they do what they do. Some purposes are more serious than others, in that the consequences for not fulfilling them are greater. But rarely is a purpose as potentially life-changing as it is with our medical clients.

Great Bear Healthcare and Nightingale Nurses are one of our oldest medical clients, manufacturing and supplying urology products, along with their home delivery service and nurses. They approached us for a rebrand, the purpose of which was to reflect their story, vision and values, whilst maintaining the character their existing audience had grown to love. We began with a brand audit, interviewing staff, suppliers and customers to understand their story and passions, as well as to find their edge.

Through interviewing the nurses and the product development team, we understood how valuable these people were to their patients’ lives and how this needed to be communicated through the visual appearance of the brand. For Great Bear Healthcare we evolved the existing brand mark with smooth contours, a warm colour gradient, a different typeface, as well as raising the bear’s head to suggest innovation and R&D. This update suggested confidence, approachability and dynamism, and was rolled out through multiple touch points, including stationery, exhibition, packaging and digital.

When it came to Nightingale, praises from patients and healthcare professionals were overwhelming, with statements like “You can hear empathy in their voices” and “I felt they treated me as an individual.” In response we took a softer approach to their brand design. The personal connection nurses had with their patients was not being articulated in their image, nor was the value they placed on unbiased approaches in only prescribing products that were right for the patient. These were qualities their patients admired and needed to be reflected in the brand.

Whilst the connotations of the ‘Florence Nightingale’ name were clear, part of our audit was to discover whether the brand warranted a name change. There was a huge connection felt by all to the Nightingale name, along with pride in being a Nightingale nurse and the story that went with it. The value placed on the name was unanimous; Nightingale was staying.

We’d like to think we achieved our purpose by giving these companies a brand that reflected who they are and what is at the heart of the company. Judging by the fact we continue to work with Great Bear Healthcare and Nightingale Nurses, we’d like to think they agreed too. The healthcare arena is such an important industry these days, and it’s great to be able to give back. Sometimes a brand that enhances lives daily and truly connects them with patients is the perfect way to do so.