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A fond farewell

So, Matt’s leaving us. Flying the nest and off to face new challenges and adventures. We are sorry we’re losing him, he’s been an integral part of our studio for the past 4 years and has contributed to the business greatly in that time, both professionally and socially.

So by way of a goodbye we have asked everyone in the studio what they’re going to miss about Matt.


What will I miss about Matt the most? Well, his cheery disposition, his conscientiousness and his enthusiasm I guess.

Oh, and the fact that he always took the bins out! What will stick in my mind the most about Matt apart from that crazy hair style? (I can say that now he’s going)… Well, how obsessive he became about the way the dishwasher was loaded! Never have I seen anyone get so stressed and upset about the way mugs hadn’t been aligned in a particular manner. Many’s the time that I’ve witnessed him remove everything and then reload it in a state of near apoplexy.

We’ve nurtured Matt over the last 4 years and he’s contributed massively to the studio. We’ll miss him, but wish him all the best as he takes his career to the next level.”

- Julian

Our in depth conversations about football and his constant negativity ;)
Oh and keeping up to speed with his gambling habit and what car he’s going to buy next!?
.. and deffo his cheery greeting in the morning and update on the monday of his drunken antics :)

- Luke

Where to start! I will miss his good coffee, chats in the kitchen, daily gym trips, organising of the dishwasher, talks of his “entrepreneurial” ventures, and talks of his drunken antics over the weekend, his very critical nature of all things and his tendency to moan about anything! Most of all I will miss the lightness that he has brought to the studio over the last four years and how he made us laugh. Now we can get some work done! I will definitely not miss that silly Bodum travel press! I wish you all the success in your next job Matt (she says with gritted teeth) See ya!

- Jameila

Being relatively new to Sanders what I instantly noticed, and will miss with Matt, is his infectious energy and zest and the way he bounces through the studio door each and every morning. He immediately helped me feel welcome at Sanders and has since patiently educated me on how to make a ‘half decent’ cup of coffee (work in progress). I’ll also miss his gentle reminders of when I last applied my ‘Clements’ Argan Oil. I wish you every success on your new path!

- Anthony