b'sanders-design.com 64One advantage of having been in the design business for over twenty years is that weve been able to develop and refine a design process that ensures highly successful results are achieved time after time. In short, it takes chance out of the process.The work weve done with Intercall over the years has involved all the elements that go to make up our process for both the product design and branding discipline, which fall under 4 key headings:- Foresight: involved identifying the values,Consider & Develop: is an on-going process of personality, ethos and inspiration as perceivedevolving these design solutions for both brand by both the business and by those engagingand product to ensure that able to deliver the with it, through a number of workshops andresults that Intercall have set.research into external perception.Fruition: liaising with all parties to ensure that the Devise & Create: which has meant creatingIntercall product and service reach the market design solutions that are well targeted andwhen it needs to and that the experience is as reflect the dynamic and future aspirations of enjoyable and rewarding as possible.the company.Clearly not all projects require all stages as clients engage with us at different points in the development process. In other words our process can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual client.'