b'sanders-design.com 18Product DesignWhy are some products more successful and appealing than others? What features influence the way we feel about a product? What motivates us to select one design over another? These are some of the questions we consider when creating any new product. In doing so, we are able to design products that connect with the consumer, securing commercial success. Product design is one of our core disciplines. Its at the heart of what we do and where we began our journey over 27 years ago. Our design archive contains many projects spanning a diverse range of industries and markets, some of which you will see in this retrospective. Beautiful form and precise functionality excite us. As a team we have a depth of experience and a systematic approach that has been developed and refined over time. Its an approach we guarantee will yield tangible results and returnon investment.Our award-winning designs and the established relationships we have with clients, many of whom are household names, speak for themselves. Good product design, combining creativity and technology should underpin every product, as should an understanding of its functionality and emotional connection with the consumer.'