b'sanders-design.com 16BrandingEvery business aspires to be its customers first choice; building and managing your brand can play a large part in making this happen. For businesses to develop long-term relationships with their customers, staff and stakeholders, they need to communicate their brand story, a story that is particular to them, a story that is memorable and upon which reputation is built. Branding can elevate and differentiate a product or service, winning hearts, minds and loyalty, giving consumers a reason to choose one brand over another.Your business and your product are your brand - constantly evolving and at the heart of who you are, what you stand for, your history, values, ethos and personality. It is, after all, the most immediate way you communicate with your customers, encouraging them to choose you over your competitors. Choosing to invest in branding is a positive affirmation of the belief you have in your product, staff and business. Its the businesses that understand their brand and brand value that thrive, whatever the economic climate.The Sanders brand team develop and implement intelligent, engaging brands - brands that inhabit diverse environments, from supermarket shelves to the digital arena. We work with businesses to shape every aspect of their brand from visual design to brand language and tone of voice.'