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The new Zyliss Oyster Tool

Ever tried prizing an oyster from its shell? can be quite a tricky operation for the occasional oyster eater.

Well, earlier this year, we were commissioned by leading Swiss kitchenware products manufacturer Zyliss (now owned and operated by Diethelm Keller Brands) to create a cost effective solution to this age old problem. The result is the new Zyliss Oyster Tool. Never has persuading the slimy little fellas from their shells been so easy! After securely locking the Oyster shell into the moulded silicon pocket, the two halves of the shell can be safely prized apart using the specially designed oyster knife… it’s as easy as that. And to ensure the you never lose the knife at the back of the drawer, the two parts of the product are can be magnetically locked together. Ingenious!