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The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner. Part 2. 27.08.13

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Week 2 Training so far…

Well, I suppose that I should admit that strictly speaking I have actually been training for a few weeks already. The thing is, I’m pretty much put to shame by the guys I work with. For example, Luke is a Fell runner when he’s not creating stunning pieces of brand work. He runs well in excess of 50miles per week (and that’s just getting to and from work!). Jameila spends most lunch breaks at the local gym either doing ‘Circuits’ or ‘Spin’ classes and then does the same most evenings. If Matt B isn’t out on his bike every day, he’s in the studio on his ‘turbo trainer’ and Matt C seems to be playing 5 aside football most evenings. So, you see I’ve got a lot to cope with.

This week I’ve started to run to work (occasionally) … bearing in mind that I live around 25 miles from the studio, it’s not bad going!… It is true, that my run is punctuated with a train ride which saves me around 20 of those miles but it still means I have to run between 8-10 miles a day which isn’t bad for an old geezer!

So, with my sights set clearly on a half marathon, I thought it was time to trade in my trusty old Umbro trainers (circa 1985 - must have paid all of ten quid for them!) for a brand spanking new pair of ‘running shoes’. And how things have changed! No longer it would appear can you just rock up and pick a pair of modest looking trainers off the rack, no, It seems that you have to be ‘assessed’ even videoed running to be fitted to these multicoloured monstrosities… and the cost for this? Well, put it this way don’t go in the shop with much less than a hundred notes in your pocket! Bit of a wake up call for me with my humble ‘Umbros’ I must admit. The design of running shoes certainly appears to be one of those areas that have ‘benefitted’ from an overload of style and technology, no better demonstrated with the ‘Nike Flyknit’ running shoe.

Julian Sanders