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The importance of design in business. 22.11.13

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More and more companies are starting to understand the value of working with a design consultancy and see the benefits that it can bring. Design if used cleverly can aid a business strategically to help them differentiate themselves from their competitors. This can apply to a new brand, an existing one or a new product and can act as a mechanism for business growth and innovation. We believe that when design is embraced in the following ways it is at its strongest and most useful: Design differentiates a business when it is customer-focused. The benefit of design is at it’s greatest when design is directly linked to solving customers’ problems. Design can be used to shift the emphasis from products to customers making the ultimate goal therefore not to create a great design, but to develop a great product that solves a problem and the customer is willing to pay for. Design is most powerful when embedded in the core of a business’s values. Design works best when it has strong support in the business, especially from senior management. When we are involved in the process of new product development, from beginning to end we can play an influential role and can help shape business strategy by acting as process leaders. The role of design really works when everyone sees the value of it. If leadership support is lacking we can help both influence and educate decision-makers about the value of design. Design adds value to any business. Design can benefit businesses, of all sizes. It can have a direct link to sales growth, increases in market share, cost reductions and enhanced efficiency in production. Introducing design processes can lead to increased consistency in a company’s portfolio, faster time to market, and more successful product launches. Other benefits include higher brand recognition, customer satisfaction and advocacy, greater consistency in product output and a reduced project failure rate. So when considering if your business requires design think about the benefits above and try and justify why your business would not want to fully engage with it! Tim