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Sanders Client GTW Wins Queen’s Award for Innovation 01.05.13

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A product design client of ours, GTW Developments, that designs and produces Airbond splicing machines for the textile industry, has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation.

Airbond’s design enables manufacturers in sectors including aerospace and automotive to splice materials such as carbon and glass effectively and economically for the first time.

“Our innovation is really in the capability of Airbond splicers,” said managing director Graham Waters.

“No-one offers what we offer, and the really exciting part of this is that we’re brimming with new ideas.

“We remain committed to innovation; about 65% of all company man-hours are now spent on research and development. More new products will come in 2013, as we seek to build on our world lead.”

The composites sector is growing quickly and, said Waters, will continue on an upward curve.

“This new market for splicers is expected to exceed £20m within four or five years, and will expand much further.

“We are hopeful that, having already firmly established ourselves, we stand to benefit from a significant market share – perhaps around 50%.”

Waters has ambitious plans for growth and is confident that the set-up of the business, its innovation and its opportunities lend themselves well to this.

“We plan to exploit our technical lead to expand quickly, to at least 10 times our current turnover,” he added.

“The company has been structured in anticipation of this trend, so that it can sustain a sharp volume increase without strain.”