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Running the Cardiff Half Marathon. 24.09.13

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As you may be aware, on the 6th of October (just 15 days time), Julian will be donning his lycra… hold that thought for a moment!.. and running the 2013 Cardiff Half Marathon. This is the first time he has done anything like this and yes, he is doing it all for charity!

He is running for a charity that he is passionate about. He is running to raise money for Christian Youth Outreach, a Bridgend based charity working with young people.

Julian has been a trustee of CYO for the past 20 years and is currently Vice Chair.

CYO is an interdenominational faith based charity whose work includes The The Solid Rock Youth Centre and Youth Response Team and Street Pastors.

This most worthwhile of charities desperately need financial support are working with young people, many of whom are disaffected and living on the margins. So, we’re looking for sponsorship. You can either make a donation on line at give.net/cyo or we’re also offering you the opportunity to ‘buy’ part of his running shirt (or shorts come to that !) get in touch for more info.

Julian is running with two friends - Revd. Mark Thomas and Red. Steve Lee.

We’re working together here at sanders to help him raise as much money as possible.

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that its been something of an uphill struggle for him to get himself to a level of fitness that gives him a chance to complete the course,

So come on, lets all get behind him and give him something to run for!

Just 14 days to go! Come on, give Julian and his chosen charity your support!

Jameila Alhaji Thomas