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Meet Tim 06.11.13

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Tell us about yourself I have lived in Wales for the last 13 years, after moving from Surrey to study. I started my career in public sector procurement almost a decade ago. Since then I have worked for a number of the best creative and digital agencies in Wales before making the move to Sanders. From a personal point of view I met my wife about 6 and half years ago and setup home on Barry Island in a Victorian house that we that we have been slowly renovating since we moved in. We also have a teenage son that is studying I.T. at college, 2 cats Ianto and Isabelle and 2 chickens Dottie and Lottie. Tell us what you like In recent years I have become obsessed with everything sustainable. I really like reusing and repurposing forgotten items as well as having ago at making things myself. My recent achievements have included designing and building a shed and pergola from scratch. The shed was designed around a set of windows I got for free from Freecycle. On a Sunday you can often find me at the various car boot sales searching out old furniture and other things that I can give a new life to. Old things have a really great build quality and I want to give them a new lease of life so they can continue to be useful. Imagine trying to do that with a piece of Ikea furniture in 20 years time. My other obsession is home brewing. I have been doing this for nearly a year and have really got the bug. The team here have already ordered that I provide some samples for the Christmas party…. I am not going to be held responsible for what happens after they have had it! (Two bottles and you start to sway.) And what you don’t I don’t like crispy edges to my fried eggs, late trains and people who’s headphones let everyone else hear what they are listening to. Tell us something interesting. I have a claim to fame. When I was 9 years old, I sang the theme tune to the children’s television programme Bodger and Badger. I actually got the chance too meet Bodger and badger during filming at the BBC. Even though the show is not on TV in the UK anymore it is still shown in Europe, which means every year I still get royalties. The worst job you’ve ever had The worst job I ever had was when I was 15, I was a dishwasher for Wimpy, which paid very little. After about a month I was given a promotion, which meant that whenever there was a children’s party I would dress up as the beefeater mascot. All I remember was that the suit smelt really bad and had some very questionable stains. I look back and remember the horrors but I appreciate how far I have come since then. Tell us what you like about working at Sanders I have to say that that it is the scope of the business and the possibilities. The environment here is great and there is a real family vibe meaning you don’t feel on your own. What drew me to the job was that the company has the wow factor because of the quality of work that is produced and the existing clients we work with. These are ingredients that will help me to develop the business further which I am really looking forward too. Tell us what you like about living in South Wales I love the fact that I live 30 seconds from the beach but can be in the centre of Cardiff in just 30 minutes. It creates a work/life balance that is perfect for a great lifestyle and means I can spend more quality time with my wife and son. Tim